Our vision for suppliers and other stakeholders

Code of Conduct

The Lohmann “Supplier Code of Conduct“ is based on the general Lohmann “Code of Conduct“ and sets minimum requirements and expectations with respect to the ethical conduct of suppliers to companies belonging to the Lohmann Tape Group (hereafter jointly referred to as “Lohmann“). These standards apply to all Lohmann suppliers and subcontractors and all other providers of goods and services to Lohmann, irrespective of where the company is based (hereafter jointly referred to as “suppliers“). Lohmann reserves the right to terminate business relationships with suppliers who fail to comply with these guidelines and standards.

As an international company, the Lohmann Tape Group is in constant contact with a vast number of different people and organisations, and hence to representatives of various interest groups. Consequently, the development and success of our company depends on how our employees behave in their day-to-day business. As a company, we have therefore come to a decision on what is important to us, and how we want to conduct business and be perceived.