Structural Bonding Films

Innovation in bonding with epoxy and polyurethane

Industry’s demands on hightech bonding systems are increasing. Today, numerous safety components or entire assemblies are optimally connected using only adhesives.In order to create connections that are reliable for the various processes, the limits of conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives have to be surpassed and compromises between product development and process optimisation need to be amplified.

With their new product range DuploTEC® SBF the Lohmann “Bonding Engineers” have provided the answer to these industrial challenges. Within the scope of structural bonding, innovative products that are much stronger than conventional pressure-sensitive adhesive connections have been developed.

DuploTEC® SBF is easy to handle, dimensional precise and pre-applicable. Thus, a fast and neat processing is guaranteed. Within the DuploTEC® SBF range Lohmann distinguishes between two different technologies that are: Polyurethane and Epoxy.



  • Polyurethane adhesive system with thermosetting properties
  • Solvent free, dry adhesive film
  • Latent reactive with structural bonding characteristics



  • Curing within seconds
  • Low curing temperatures
  • Optimally adjustable to the customer requirements
  • Individual and precise adhesive dimensions down to 0,3mm width
  • Stays elastic & flexible after hardening
  • High heat - and chemical resistance



  • Pre-applicable between 60-70°C (140-158°F)
  • Storage stability even after pre-application
  • Hardens between 70-160°C (160-320°F)
  • Curing after 3 seconds possible
  • Pressure min. 15 N/cm²






  • Epoxy based thermosetting tape
  • Tape with initial adhesion
  • Reactive tapes with characteristics from flexible up to high structural bonding performances
  • Various formulations, thicknesses and coating technologies available



  • As easy to apply as an adhesive tape (tack at room temperature)
  • Compensation of high static and dynamic forces
  • Extremely resistant to ageing and chemicals
  • High temperature resistance



  • Curing between 130 -180 °C (260-360°F)
  • Curing after min. 10 min
  • Adaptable to individual process conditions
  • Pressure: min. 1 N/cm²



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