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Green light for innovation: InnoTruck visits Lohmann  

Lohmann, a pioneer in the field of smart adhesive solutions, welcomed a suitable dialogue partner in the field of innovation at the weekend: the InnoTruck, a Germany-wide mobile information initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), stopped off in front of the family-owned company's technology centre and opened its doors to research enthusiasts of all ages.

On board was an impressive mobile exhibition and experience world with around 60 technology exhibits that illustrated the dynamics of innovation in various subject areas. The well-attended event took place as part of the "Jugend forscht" competition, which Lohmann has hosted and sponsored for 46 years.  

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The InnoTruck presented exemplary insights into topics such as digitalization, sustainable business and energy, the world of work, health, mobility and civil security. The initiative shows how innovations in the technical and scientific fields can be driven forward in order to maximize their benefits and secure Europe's technological sovereignty. In addition to schools, the InnoTruck also visits marketplaces, technology and science events, universities and trade fairs throughout Germany. 

Dr Carsten Herzhoff, COO of Lohmann, emphasized the importance of this initiative and explained: "As a company committed to innovation, it was a special honor for us to welcome the InnoTruck. We believe in innovation as the basis for Germany's future viability - and work together every day on smart bonding solutions that go beyond adhesion and respond to the challenges of our time." For example, Lohmann develops tapes for various industries such as automotive, medicine and electronics that offer thermal conductivity, enable body function measurements or electrical applications.  

Lohmann's commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions was recognized twice in 2023 with the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award. The technology innovation TwinMelt, a solvent-free coating process that reduces energy consumption per square metre of adhesive tape by 66% and the solvent-free and UV light-activated adhesive tapes in the UV-LUX product range received this award. Lohmann is also focussing on renewable raw materials and already offers 50% bio-based adhesives in the DuploCOLL ECO adhesive tape range. 

The company recently launched the Lohmann Innovation Hub as a contact point for co-creation in the field of innovation: This is where new technologies and solutions beyond adhesive tapes are developed together with start-ups - smart products, sustainable materials and digital business models.

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